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Keep a Gallery of Your Conversations

The Library page organizes all your recordings for you. You can see the different emotions in each recording and you can even train your app to detect different speakers.

Participate in Discussion Rooms

Build your own private discussion room, or participate in existing ones and listen to recordings shared by others.


Capture interesting discussions, share them with your peers & participate in different groups


Easily Share Audio Snippets

Share interesting audio snippets of your conversations within rooms or in private chat messages.

LifeCassette uses AI to detect speech and the sound of emotions like laughter, so you can easily find the interesting moments in your conversations.

Find Highlights of Your Conversations


Privacy-Focused Design

We have designed our artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to run on your mobile device. This means that all your recordings can remain on your phone and private. To choose the storage option go to profile settings and choose between:

  • Local Phone Storage: Your recording library will only be kept on your mobile phone.

  • Secure Cloud Gallery: Your recordings will be stored in a secure cloud, and your phone memory will not be used. You can delete recordings at any time.


Try it for free:

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