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Wish you could capture the best times of life, while simply living in the moment?

With LifeCassette, just press record and enjoy life! Your app detects your laughs and special moments in audio for you!


Keep a Gallery of Your Memories

The Library page organizes all your recordings for you. You can see the different emotions in each recording and you can even train your app to detect different speakers.  So you can easily scroll through and find your favorite memories!

LifeCassette detects the sound of laughter and emotions. So you can easily find your favorite moments and fun conversation snippets and share them with the people you love!

Your Fun and Special Moments are Automatically Detected


World Feed

Share your favorite audio snippets or experience authentic moments shared by people from around the world!


Whether you want to capture your memories or experience authentic moments shared by people around the world, we guarantee that you will love LifeCassette, or your money back!! Wait but I thought it's free?! YES it is!

So join today, share your favorite and most authentic moments and win the prize! Download below:


Reflect on Your Day

This is your Reflections page. This space is a great opportunity to give a full overview of your day: how you felt and who you interacted with.

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